the story of 53947

in 2008, i found a window in the garbage of a rehab on damen avenue in chicago. i took the window home with the idea of using it as a canvas.

when i returned home, i placed the window on a chair and went to retrieve paint. when i returned my cat jumped onto the chair behind the glass. i was fascinated by the image of the cat in the window and soon found myself staring into the window. that is when i first noticed the 'resonant energy.'

let's say that you and i are looking through a window. we see a tree. the light from that tree passes through the window and hits our eyes. our rods and cones fire and we see a 'tree.' i propose that every time that light-energy exchange occurs, some of that energy gets stuck in the glass. eventually, over many years, the glass becomes saturated in resonant energy.

when i saw my cat through the glass, the resonant energy sprang from the corners of the window and froze into an image. i traced it line for line with acrylic and layers of cardboard. the image was so compelling i found myself hunting for windows to recreate the experience. i soon realized i the images fit together, but i didn't know how.

three months passed. i had been painting with more frequency. i found a multi-panel window with an amazing image inside of it. it was of a character that had made multiple appearances in my paintings.(his 'name' is 53947) he was standing on a hill above a deep valley and he was staring at a burning letter 'a.' floating on the horizon. i would later come to learn that the burning letter-icon was responsible for more than i initially understood.

three months later, i see an image in a window(53947 sitting in rubble). i thought the image cool and grabbed my paints. when i looked at the window again, the image had shifted! surprise! this had never happened before. i realized in that moment that one of two things had occurred.
1. i was descending deeper into madness.
2. he 'posed' for me and is actually real and this is how he wanted to let me know.

i decided number 2 was preferred and made the decision he was real. what happened next can only be called a 'massive download' of information.

his name is 53947/ he is a typeface designer. he lives in a world called 'worldview' that exists on the other side of the glass. he had been having a re-occurring dream that a bluebird told him if he climbed a hill and stood looking out on the horizon he would find his 'salvation.'

rewind to the burning letter 'a' icon. as it turns out, the moment i placed the icon on my side of the window, it showed-up on his side of the window(on the horizon above a deep valley.) when he saw this image, it was so unlike anything he had ever seen that his brain opened-up and he achieved what he has explained as 'sublime knowledge.'

'sublime knowledge' : all-knowing to the point of annihilation. if you know all of the answers, the questions all disintegrate. your world-view is altered.

along with the knowledge of everything, naturally came the understanding of how to use 'resonant glass' in rehab windows sort of like a polaroid. he lines up a picture(of his world and sometimes mine) and freezes it in the glass for me to see. he does this in the hope that someday he might give me the same sublime knowledge that i accidentally bestowed upon him.

the paintings i have created on windows, therefore, are all a part of that journey. they are all a part of the story.