03.16.18icfa bound

i have been fortunate to be invited to present a primer of my work at he 39th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
on March 16, 2018 Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside, Orlando, Florida.

excited to have the opportunity to formally share this story. also feel fortunate to be included with artists the likes of tenea johnson and charles vess!

11.26.13of music, beer, pizza and plushies

there is much occurring in my world. a new perspective on the balance between my physical art creation and my digital illustration.
"smaller totems" is still moving in an exciting direction. roby duncan and i have created over 120 pages of material and with monday and thursday releases, that number will continue to grow.

on the physical front, i have a new exhibit of my paintings at 'pizzeria aroma' in the edgewater neighborhood of chicago. when you visit, make sure to get the boss's special pizza--pretty amazing.

additionally, a series called "wonder worldview" has been installed on the walls of "lonie walker's underground wonder bar." this 4am live music club has been 'playin it live 365' for over 25 years. i'm honored to grace this chicago institution's walls.

finally, you can find me and my paintings, prints, sculptures and toys at the 'revolution brewery craft show' in december. this one-day-only event should be an excellent gathering of artists, so drop by and spend those holiday gift-dollars on some local artists!

08.05.13full steam ahead

check out smallertotems.com if you have not already. this webcomic releases twice/week.

visit me at glenwood avenue arts fest in rogers park on aug 17th and 18th

see my new exhibit at revolution brewing in logan square

meet me at wizard world comic con chicago on sunday (find the spacebear)

much love!

05.16.13smaller totems is alive

after two plus years of collaboration with los angeles writer, Roby Duncan, our webcomic, "smaller totems" is officially live.

it has been an incredible process, allowing me to really stretch my artistic boundaries in both medium and storytelling.

please take a moment to check it out @ www.smallertotems.com


the time is finally upon us. for two years, i have been developing a webcomic with los angeles writer, Roby Duncan. the journey has been great. i have learned so much about communication through illustration and have opened-up a new box of fun toys.
additionally, the collaborative process has proven to be an incredible experience. our method of cross-country creation has been well-developed over a relatively short period of time.
make sure to get over to www.smallertotems.com on 05.16.13 to engage in the magic from the beginning.

11.29.12smaller totems in the pipe

the time is near. smaller totems is nearly ready for launch. smaller totems is a webcomic i am illustrating for los angeles writer, roby duncan. i mention l.a. solely to reflect on the fact that for the last year, mr. duncan and i have created concept, a work method, and generated a heap of amazing stuff(five installments and as many extra releases) all through 'dropbox.'
it has been a pretty intense journey. roby and i work well together(once we figured out how to do that). the story is fantastic and i am proud of the illustration. i will keep you informed as to launch date.

08.07.12online interview with me about me

more than you ever knew about my ma and pa at this link!

07.18.12the end table

i just finished "the end table." this has proven to be one of my more challenging pieces.
it began with a tube from a friend. i decided the tube would make an excellent set of dueling pistols. the pistols ended up large...very large(it is hard for me to get my finger to the trigger). i wanted a good way to display them and research suggested they belong in their own box and with accessories.
the size of the pistols required a box of such a large size, i couldn't figure out how they could realistically be displayed. the answer was to build the pistols into an end table...the end table(the table you need when it is the end.)
the pistols have moving hammers and removable ramrods. they come with two bullets and a powder keg. they nestle inside an endtable with a hinged glass top, lock and removable legs.

did i mention this is all from cardboard?

it's cat-sturdy i know for a fact and could certainly support chach-kies and coffee table books.

check out pics in the 'cardboard forge' portion of my site and at the url in this entry.

06.08.12the fee jee mermaid

it appears as though i have come into possession of a real fee jee mermaid. invaluable as it may be, i could be willing to let it go for the right price.

04.13.12the new and improved lewislain.com

i decided the ol' webpage deserved a bit of spring cleaning yesterday. i have re-skinned the entire site, as you may or may not have noticed. hopefully it's a bit easier to navigate.

new to the site: the story of 53947(a history of interaction with the sublime font designer) also feel free to snag my artistic resume(found in the about lewis section)

til later-

06.08.11it's been a long time coming.

much to much time has passed since last i checked in. things are proceeding in several interesting paths. i am currently showing paintings at argo tea(state and randolph) and have artist of the wall, edgewater arts fest, milwaukee ave arts fest and glenwood ave arts fest plus curation of this year's artery artwalk. much on the plate.
i am working diligently on my first book of stories. 'six makes a plan' is the first on the docket. i have two panels finished. very exciting stuff.
must to check on the paint drying on my homage to niagara falls. i was inspired beyond words by the experience i had there. oh canada.


i have been contracted by polarity theatre ensemble to create an installation within bryce wyssal's ephemera. my intention is to create a painting with the visual elements of the play(props, set, costume)that can adapt with the addition of actors and people. the design will take in the entire preformance space and the lounge of the josephinium will host an exhibition of my work that will run in coordination with the production. good stuff, surely.

11.08.10much is about to happen

there is a calm before a storm. cliche, but true. i feel it especially today. things are about to occur on a new level.
to celebrate, i have added some new content in cardboard forge.
the universe has refocused on me and i am looking with universal sight.

09.13.10all things work

a series of images: 53947 flying a kite, working at his desk and petting his cat, ‘6.’ these are mundane moments in his world (worldview) but they illustrate an important mundane fact: the way the world works. the kite fills space and space fills it. it is attached to the flyer and the flyer is attached to the earth. the earth is attached to the sky that holds the kite. 53947 at his desk, works at design. he work is creation. he creates and the product of his creation sustains him. time is of no consequence as these mundane actions occur constantly, driving the world’s action. again, integration of action and reaction—dependency of one element for another as 53947 shares space with his cat. each image, an illustration of the codependency and integration of all the elements of his world, shows us how all things work.

09.13.10form and function

i am constantly pushed to re-evaluate my perceptions. 53947(pictured ‘burning’ this image into the window’s glass) is fascinated with my egocentric-judgment. this image was his first response to my questions of work in his world. the ‘greeble’ on the left is collecting garbage.—the ‘roman’ on the right: relaxing. he stands in the middle, reaching to capture the image—drawing sublime flame from the clouds in the sky. i am reminded that all things in his world are integrated in a intimate fashion that i can never fully understand. things hold each other and are dependant on each other. space fills them, they fill space and they all function in their own way. they are all incredibly aware of how things work. the cleaning greeble and the resting roman both exist (work) in their own equally important, coexistent functions without judgment of the value of their actions.

09.13.10my journey to the source

it took me three years to find the source—that thing that all things come from. ironically, there is no spiritual sense to it. there is no magic attached. In fact, the intensity of the discovery comes from how simple a thing the source is. there is no question where anything comes from. it is well known that the source is where everything comes from. the cupcake, the bloom, the iconic, the very people themselves all come from the source. there is no mystery there. it only bares mentioning due to the fact that the very earth of worldview has its beginnings there. the journey gave me time to consider these facts and in doing so before being exposed to it, i am able to see the source for what it is—a beginning.

09.13.10dancing@the longflame @the source

a regular journey to the source takes some time for 53947. it is not a hard journey and the length of time is never an issue. time moves differently in worldview—almost non-existent but not quite. regardless—a trip to the source is always enjoyable, full of beautiful sights and experiences among which is a rather lovely longflame. in this particular image, 53947 shares a moment of intense joy as only derived by the sublime light of a naturally-occuring longflame on a night when both moons (they have two moons there) are full. the effect of this phenomenon has been reported to cause such an intense mix of light and night that the resulting sky seems ‘hallucinogenic-ly’ active.

09.13.10the source

i have seen 'the source.' at first, my belief was that 'the source' was only a tree in the cave--a tree that all things come from--but still only a tree in a cave. then i looked at 'the alpha' as pictured in 'this is not a guitar' and it all came to a wild focus. 'the source' manifests in many forms in order to interact with the universe. the source is the alpha. it is 'unknown’. it is six, 53947's cat. the source likes to get around nearly as much as it likes to be a tree in a cave. not to say that the source is in any way 'holy' or 'godlike.' quite the contrary in fact. the source is a workhorse. it functions in the same way the river drives the wheel that drives the mill. it is not revered. it is not sacred. but without it, worldview would not function.

09.11.10some thoughts on my annivesary of artistic life

a year later and i feel great about my progress. i have been working dilligently (for the most part) and have taken progressive steps. time to refocus. step on the burning deck.

08.23.10a vow or pact

i made a pact. against my better judgement, i defined a line that i will not cross. i'm not sure how i feel about it. in the dark of last night, i made a pact to never give rogers park the opportunity to have my work exclusively again. i will live within her, but never again will i share my art so personally with her.

08.10.10a discovery that changes everything...or so it seems

once again, three years of work have come into clear perspective. i have seen 'the source.' at first, my belief was that 'the source' was only a tree in the cave--a tree that all things come from--but still only a tree in a cave. then i looked at 'the alpha' as pictured in 'this is not a guitar' and it all came to a wild focus. 'the source' as it turns out, manifests in many forms in order to interact with the universe. the source is the alpha when it wants to interact with the environment. it is 'unknown' when it wants to be with the people. it is six, 53947's cat. the source likes to get around nearly as much as it likes to be a tree in a cave.
not to say that the source is in any way 'holy' or 'godlike.' quite the contrary in fact. the source is a workhorse. it functions in the same way the river drives the wheel that drives the mill. it is not revered. it is not sacred. but without it, worldview would not function.


the world, it appears has a name. he suggests 'worldview.'

07.24.10rip wrigley j. cat

today one of my strongest inspirations left this world. i am sad but accepting. he was the most magical animal i have ever had the pleasure of sharing space with. ferocious, but loving anc connected--i suspect--to six on the other side to the window. if my working theory is correct, they have switched places--wrigley has gone to 53947 and now all i need to do is find six.


'unknown' has been showing up in my work with some frequency. at first, this disturbed me as i had never seen a ‘roman’ without a name—their tags always had distinguishable numbers. my initial response was to question how i look at things that i have no previous knowledge of. i realize in retrospect that this thinking was flawed. as he appears more and more, i realize he has become a sort of symbol for a deeper question of perception. the only certainty with unknown is the possibility of anything. yipes.

06.28.10unknown@the city on the cliff

the city on the cliff is one of the many urban areas in the other world. its red buildings hold all the creative human energy of the builders and residents of the city on the sea. the city’s structure and energy are reminiscent of chicago, as if key portions exist both here and in the other world. ‘unknown’—a nameless roman—appears again to challenge my perception, as if to say: ‘it is not the land that keeps the city. it is it city that keeps the land.’ there is an energy in this old city that keeps the land below it from crumbling into the sea like much of the surrounding rock face. this city will last long after the surrounding earth has fallen away.

06.28.10test pattern yellow

every so often, i get an image through the window that works to balance my vision. generally this sort of balance occurs before or at the beginning of a major series of work. sort of a test from 53947 saying 'this is yellow, yes?' the imagery of the enlightened wind in the city that i have come to recognize as the birth of the burning city—that moment before all the human creative spirit contained within its structures are released in one massive conflagration. when 53947 looks at chicago through the window, this is how it appears.


one would be wise to keep one's eyes open. it appears a new exhibition is soon to be sprouting like so many babbling iconic. worldview.

04.27.10joyous day

on this beautiful blue-sky day, i was informed by the village of oak park that my submission for one of 8 mural contracts was accepted for production this summer. perhaps i will develop a tan.

04.26.10the greeble

discovered a delightful little chirping critter called a 'greeble.' just finished a series of adorable action figures in box. should be in toishoppe soon.
the greeble are self-replicating
mechanical critters first developed
by esteemed inventor, 32843.
the easy-going greeble are
abundant--but not overly-so--
and derive intense physical
and emotional pleasure through
completion of domestic chores.
the travelling greeble are self-
sufficient, requiring no payment
maintenence or upkeep. while
they have been known to stay in
one location for an extended period,
they are passionate travellers.

04.26.10the longflame inspires

chicago is an unending source of creative human energy. as people live, work and play within the city, their energy seeps into bricks and mortar. this energy gathers until it is ignited and released.
there are open portals between this world and the other world that allow the sublime longflame to be blown from the other world into ours. as the longflame consumes creative energy, when it comes into contact with the city’s energy, the result is a burst of creative output—an unseen conflagration that results in the birth of true creative beauty.

04.26.10morning, chicago

i am consistently reminded of the power of the urban energy of chicago. 53947 periodically reveals deep truths through personal interpretations of the city. he is fascinated with the resonant energy that resides in the very structures of the city—the same resonant energy contained within a window. a building full of resonant windows is further imbued with resonant energy through constant human interaction; the very bricks of the buildings resonate. chicago, therefore, becomes an unending source of human creative energy.
with morning, comes endless possibility and new beginning. the sun, our world’s very own longflame, hints to the coming conflagration that will bring creative enlightenment.

04.26.10iconic longflame

perhaps one of the most powerful forces i have encountered is the longflame. this naturally-occurring fire is composed of pure sublime energy and exists naturally in the other world in the form of several never-ending fountains of fire. through my exploration, i have opened portals into the other world. one of these portals resides over the longflame on flattop rock. on occasion, the wind will carry the flame through the portal into our world. when the flame comes into contact with human creative spirit—trapped within man-made structure—a burst of creative energy is released, giving birth to true creative enlightenment. the longflame may be the most influential factor in my communication with 53947.

03.10.10the eye @ flat top rock

several months ago, i painted a window within a door. in the painting, i saw a red spot resonating with energy. i assumed it was decorative and didn’t put much thought into it. when i first saw the flat top rock, i was captivated by the longflame that resided upon it—evidence of more than one longflame—but the red spot had returned and soon became my focal point. it wasn’t until i had finished the piece that i realized precisely what the red spot is—a doorway—a hole ripped into the sky by my pre-awakened eye. by sheer happenstance, one of these holes resides directly above a longflame and the flow of his world into mine is pulling some of the sublime fire with it.

03.10.10the key to the golden path

the mileadean pen lives in the other world. as it moves, it leaves a path of ink. People will follow the mileadean pen for a while, but the ink never seems to lead in a sensible path for very long, often ending in places that don’t make sense to the follower. In the side of the mileadean pen is a keyhole. Only two people have ever seen the location of the key—53947 and myself. If the key (in the deep ocean) is inserted into the mileadean pen, balance is restored and the pen will draw the keyholder’s golden path—the past and the future of time is revealed and possibility folds infinite paths into one that is true.



02.25.10what an extrordinary day.

february has been a brutal month. the grey and cold--the shortened month. i have been occupied with ute for quite some time. it is an excellent experience, but the windows call me daily. the images are stacked fifteen-deep.
i decided to paint the 'mleadin pen.' the window, surrounded by iconic, is made of two panels. in one is the mleadin pen, a giant fountain pen that draws a path through the world. people follow the pen periodically, but it seems to take them to nonsense places. there is a keyhole in the side of the pen. no one has seen the key, or knows where it resides. but i have and do.
the key is in the second panel of the window.(i suppose this would suggest that 53947 has the key and it would make sense that he did) when you place the key in the pen, the path the pen traces changes to the one true path--a golden path.
someone wrote me today. she quoted me back to me. the result was immediate re-affirmation of my golden path. the idea that me filtered through her back to me was a most fascinating moment and it obliterated the clouds of february. the key is once again in my pen.

01.10.10many a moon has passed

its been a while. i have been so busy, i am unsure where to focus. it is a deadly pitfall in the world of this world. interestingly enough, i suspect the action of documenting the current condition...state of my union...will result in something. hopefully not dillerium. -or vertigo.
i am in progress with a project called 'ute: urban tribal elevation' with photographer, rachael mcclellan. set in another world where the environment is so caustic, the inhabitants grow second skins from their oraface-s-es, protecting them and resulting in a fascinatingly-elaborate new facial/pubic structures. i am currently in construction on masks, possibly privates, that will be used in a series of photgraphs. the process is pretty wonderful with free-flowing dialogue between myself and rachael. we are filling out a nice world nicely. when i finish a mask, it will be given to the model with a rough world/character outline. the model will be asked to journal a few days in the life of the character and fill out the details. then a series of photos will be taken and displayed with the masks at an exhibition to be determined in the city. good good stuff. i have uploaded a few images under the flavours tab under 'ute.'

also in the world. i am working--not so dilligently--on my brother's children's book, the adventures of timothy p turtle. i have basic character looks and am in progress on a sample page and a storyboard. i feel like i should really be able to put the entire book together before i shop it. this process is admittedly slower than it should be. i think i need to put the majority of next week into a major push and do it right.

also also. i suspect at least one, maybe two more exhibitions in the next month. i have several options available and suspect it will prove fruitfull. and as always, i am plugging along on times new roman, vol. ii. i have realized it is much more in depth and will require more time. still. i have two pages finished and am picking up steam.

as i suspected, i am motivated. thank you.

11.20.09a journey

10:41. my cap and the stem of a glass. gently, great-care gone.
11:10. hard of breath. hot. if i focus my energy i can see a skin on the wall. things begin to flicker. the cat is my guide and i trust him
11:35. the world is breathing. water fills every floor, gentle-bathing beauty. going outside, for a square.
12:13. the world seems so big and yet so small. a walk around the park results in a lot of shoes, but i am wearing sandles.
2:22. back...but only if i will it.

11.16.09not fun, children

a word on the art-world scam that is the 'juried exhibition.'
i have come to an understanding concerning those who choose to take advantage of the artist that is simply trying to communicate with people. these are the low-est level hell-dwellers.

'send us 3 images and a check for $20 and we will 'consider your work.'


11.09.09timothy p turtle

finished the character roughs for timothy p turtle this weekend. i am excited about the look and think it should prove to be a most beautiful children's book. there is something special happening here and the collaboration with my brother feels strong and trusting. good stuff.

10.12.09remember this day...

something told me to remember this day. it seems important all ready. i am redefining today. preparing. getting ready for the long journey ahead, the fruits of which will keep me happy for the rest of my days.


i have been bombarded by this 'uknown' fellow that's been showing up in my work the
last few days. he's troubling to me because he doesn't have a number and when i've been
introduced to him, it is always as 'unknown.' he feels ?spectral? but i am changing my perceptions on him with every painting moment. no one else seems to be bothered by him--as usual--which is irritating to me, because the very uncertainty of him makes me nuts...which is irritating because i thought i had a handle on this.

09.28.09the sublime door

i have been exploring the sublime door. he has taken a vacation--camping--to the sublime door. apparently they take frequent trips there to contemplate its existence and the subjects that arise therein. he has shown me several images from the trip. one of the more prominent images is of the suublime door. for many days, i have stood in front of this very image and contemplated not questions, but answers. there is something about this image that unsettles me.

09.19.09new friends

i met the framework bloom. a floating blue hand that builds the world. it is constantly in construction and spends its time at the very edge of the world, building a block at a time. it is cold and dark at the edge of the world. that's the way the bloom likes it. it seems the bloom may be a popular vacation destination. who knew?
also discovered the longflame at the sublime door. this never-ending(so far) flame burns a short distance from the sublime door. not sure as to their connections(if any), but will ask.

09.16.09a new perspective on time.

day 2. i have seen such wonderful things.
we are haveing a distinct conversation about time. very chicken and the egg, but my perspective may be off. the images i have seen do not appear chronologically, nor of importance it appears. it is interesting what he chooses to show me and when.
currently, i am captivated by him holding sublime flame. it blows in behind him. i am unsure if it is the fire blowing into or blowing out of the city. is he summoning, activated, responding?
i will continue to listen.

09.14.09i know why the blue bird flys.

today i was told the story of the blue bird--the 'crow' the first appears in the reocurring dream of 53947.
a lovely piece of mythos today.
it appears as though the blue bird was born of the great conflagration as illustrated in 'air burst.'
understanding that the fire in 'airburst' is representational of all the collective resonant energy that resides in an urban area being released in one massive explosion of human creativity. the blue bird is the result. much as a phoenix, it is born of fire. but inlike the phoenix, the fire is not one of destruction, but creation. the blue bird is, in fact, the manifestation of the collective power of the human spirit--

08.22.09glenwood arts

i encountered several amazing people today...yesterday. i am inspired again and a walk down the hall is illuminated, almost uncontrollably, by burning windows with images needing to be seen.
he must have something important to tell me. there must be something he needs me to learn.

08.18.09i am universally focused

two days ago, the universe focused its energy on me. everywhere i look, i see my path clearly illuminated. i see how each focal point connects to the next. clean universal clarity.

08.04.09resonant glass, a tutoral

resonate: To vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration; To have an effect or impact; to influence; to engender support.

rescued rehab windows are resonant glass. they are infused with energy. they are openable portals through which a snapshot may be snuck before the shutter closes.

in turn, clean glass is glass that has been rarely or never used. it still holds space for an image, but more often than not, it is an image of my own design. still influenced, but still mine.

i do not have the same luxury with resonate glass. its image is determined by another artist in another world.

07.08.09strange clarity

he communicates with me. how was this communication initiated? in his dreams, he saw a burning letter in the sky that would bring him enlightenment. when i created that image, i realized his dream--provided him with his burning 'a' in the sky. i opened the bridge between he and i.
in return, he has given me a sign, an alpha.
this alpha will spread his world into mine and will bring knowledge to those that wish to see it.
it will be a first and that is why it is, in his world, an icon of worship. it has created more creation.

07.05.09this is not a guitar.

it certainly looks like a guitar. but it is not. that has been made more than apparent to me. at first, i thought it was a joke on me--and perhaps it still is. it clearly is a ukulele. maybe. maybe something altogetheoutsideofmyperspective. something requiring more thought. it was fun, creating structure that creates more art. interesting.

07.03.09on this the eve of the birth of our nation

a flood of thoughts while i was painting the cupcake today. all of them fleeting. nearly gone as i type.
troubled waters in the painting. interesting. challenging my perceptions of the cupcake. still, i realize the cupcake is what it is...terrible phrase that...i mean to say the cupcake is neutral. in the same way, the environment is equally neutral. there is something there. i look at the cupake's painting and think the waters are troubled, but the waters simply are.
i am very near something monumental.

06.30.09no one questions where they went.

i saw the cupcake the other day. this time in a window. (interesting in its own respect) again, i watched as he quite gently scooped someone from the shore--graceful almost. the person said nothing and looked back toward land with a new perspective.
turning then, the cupcake glides out to sea. no one knows quite where the cupcake goes, nor do they question the where-abouts of the person chosen by the cupcake. they are simply somewhere else.

06.08.09the forever cupcake

while sleeping in the ancestral cottage, i had a vision of a giant white octopus, most unassuming. it gently--with care only equal by its size--picked a random person with purposeful arm and carried him pleasently out to sea. the fellow's friends hardly seemed to notice. its name came to me as a flash of writing on a wall:
the forever cupcake.

06.03.09in progress...

so he posed for me the other day. i am taking tentative steps to capture his likeness. it is interesting that he chooses to manifest himself to me as coexistant brother. no distiguishing characteristics, simply action and intention. a captured moment.

05.31.0953947 as creator

when i look through the window, i see an image burned into the glass. i have always assumed this was my image--my creation--but what if it is not my image at all?
i realize today, that the images are those of 53947. he has traced these images in windows in his world. his enlightened brush illuminating the image in my world.
i knew this when i looked into the glass today and saw him looking back, breaking down my world into simple shapes.